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Online Application

To complete the online Rental Application below, we recommend that you review all the input fields and gather the requested information before beginning to fill out the form. If you navigate away from this page while filling out the form, you will lose your inputs. Having the information ready will also save you time when completing the form. For Question #2, "Property Address," please refer to our Properties list to make sure you have the correct address. If you would prefer a print version of this application, click here to download an application in PDF format and return to us by mail or in person.

Note: This website is built on secure Wix platforms with ISO 27001 Compliance and ISO 27018, and any sensitive data like social security numbers are encrypted in transmission for protection.
1) Rental Qualifications

To be considered for residency, applicants must be 18 years of age or older (or a legally emancipated minor). Qualification of applicant is determined on an individual basis and based on the following criteria.

  • Income: Applicants with a lower income may be denied or considered with a qualified guarantor.

  • Credit: Applicants with an extremely low credit score may be denied or considered with a qualified guarantor.

  • Criminal History: Applicants with criminal history will be considered for residency based upon crime and time lapsed.

  • Rental History: Applicants with a negative reference from prior landlord may be considered or denied. Examples: late payments, damages to property, evictions, police action on property, noise complaints, unlawful detainers, property disturbances, housekeeping/pest problems, unauthorized pets, and failed lease requirements. Applicants with no prior rental history will be considered with qualified guarantor.

  • False Information: Applicants found to have knowingly falsified, misrepresented or withheld any information on an applications will be denied residency.

2) Property Address
3) Applicant Information
4) Spouse Information (if applicable)
5) Applicant's Employment Information

Are you currently employed?



6) Spouse's Employment Information (if applicable)

Is your spouse currently employed?



7) Emergency Contact
8) Other Occupants
9) Rental History
10) Vehicle Information
11) Bank Information
Account Type
Account Type
Account Type
12) Agreement

Applicant represents and warrants that all the above information and statements are correct and complete, and agrees that the information may be used by MPG Properties, LLC in determining whether to lease to applicant. Applicant hereby authorizes MPG Properties, LLC to obtain any information deemed necessary for the purpose of evaluating this application. The application is considered part of your lease. Any false or misleading information given on this application shall be considered as a breach of the lease.

Your application has been submitted. Thank you! We will contact you soon.

Your form did not submit. Please check to see that you have filled in all required fields and entered the data in the requested formats. If everything looks correct but you are still not able to submit the form, print it out before you lose your data (Ctrl-P), then contact us.

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